District 6
General Information
Industry Transportation
Capital Titan Heights
Population 2,000,000 (est.)
Supervisor Fawn Livingston
The Hunger Games
Wins 1 (1st)
Best result 1st (1st)
Worst result 12th (1st)
District 6 is one of the twelve Districts of Panem. It is located in the north-central area of the country, near District 8. District 5's designated industry is transportation. It has a population of about 2 million.

District 6 has long dealt with economic hardships. Because of this, many residents have turned to drug abuse, which has become an increasing prevalent epidemic in the district. Its capital city Titan Heights has been called one of the most dangerous cities in Panem, and District 6 has the most violent crime per capita of all the districts. It has strong diplomatic ties to District 5 and District 8.


District 6 is highly urbanized, with about 70% of its residents residing in a city. Cities in District 6 are known throughout Panem for high levels of crime, so wealthier residents of the district have retreated to smaller towns outside of cities.

Name Population Type
Titan Heights 1,000,000 Capital
Others 1,000,000 Cities/Towns
Total Population: 2,000,000

The Hunger Games

Edition Male Age Place Female Age Place
1st Titus Erickson 18 12/24 Franka Jespers 16 1/24